Venue Wall Drapes
Venue Draping is a fantastic way of transforming an entire venue, disguising windows or simply altering the appearance of a particular wall.

Our Pipe and Drape System is very versatile allowing any room to be turned into a venue, whether it is an old hall or a barn. Whether you are keeping your event local or using an unusual venue we can drape it
We use a thick white Chinese Satin drape with Optional Swag, however we will quote for other colours if requested. We normally drape up to 3.1m high which caters for most venues, although we will quote for higher if you require it.
When we drape an entire venue, totally transforming it, as our drape is quite thick all unsightly wall fittings, decorations, etc are completely screened.
The drapes are erected using a specialist pipe system for our Wall Drapes and Backdrops which allows them to be free standing, meaning that we do not need to attach anything to the walls of your venue.
The pictures were taken at Chapelton Village Hall in Lanarkshire they include a before and after look at what we can do to a venue, including Chaircovers, Sashes, Tablelinen, plus Top Table Skirting and Swagging.
Our venue draping service is available throughout Scotland